The Bullet

Julio Ribeiro
Julio Ribeiro
Age: 80
Profession: Was DGP Punjab Police. He survived an assassination attempt while he was ambassador to Romania
On weekends: He is a regular at Sunday mass. He also loves going to the races Photo: Himmat Singh Shekhawat

AGE? “The best way to deal with it is to forget about it,’’ chuckles Julio Ribeiro. The former cop who became famous for his “bullet for bullet” policy in Punjab has long retired from uniform but not from policing, it seems. He is 80 and going strong and his mantra is simple – keep busy by doing something for society.
The anti-Muslim riots left a deep scar on this proud Mumbaikar who has relentlessly been working to combat communalism through mohalla committees. It is not unusual to spot Ribeiro in different slums, talking about communalism, corruption and domestic violence.
The only person who can slow down the unstoppable energy that so envelopes Ribeiro, is his wife Melba. Mention her name and his tone softens as he says, “She comes with me even for the slum meetings. We are separated only for about six hours everyday.’’ Love, too, has kept this man going.