Centre asks states to enforce lockdown strictly, take legal action against violators

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The Central government on Monday ordered states to strictly enforce the lockdown and further asked the state to take legal action against violators, as the coronavirus cases jumped to 415 in the country.

On Sunday, the Centre and state governments decided to completely lockdown 80 districts across the country till March 31, except for essential services.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today urged the citizens of the country to take the lockdown seriously, imposed to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus disease.

“Many people are still not taking the lockdown seriously. Please save yourself and your families, follow the instructions seriously. I request the state governments to ensure the people follow rules and laws.”

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Monday issued a set of guidelines on social distancing to airlines and airport operators.

  • Ensure adequate spacing at check-in counters between passengers and also between each counter
  • Ensure availability of adequate staff for guiding passengers at check-in counters, during security checks
  • Passengers have been advised to sit at an adequate distance in the waiting area while keeping one seat vacant.
  • Ensure that boarding is done in a manner to avoid bunching of passengers at any time and also ensure adequate spacing between passengers in boarding lines.
  • Provision of sanitizers for staff, passengers upon entry into the aircraft
  • Cabin crew to maintain adequate distance while serving the passengers
  • Seat allocation to be done in a manner where the seat between two passengers is kept empty
  • Any other action as deemed appropriate to ensure social distancing is maintained