BJP afraid of holding Assembly polls in J&K: Omer Abdullah

The NC leader and former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omer Abdullah once again said on Wednesday that the BJP is not interested in holding elections in the union territory and dared it to conduct the exercise.

.“Let them hold the Parliament and assembly elections here together, we will see who stands where,” Omer said.

The former chief minister said that the delayed elections in the region was indicative of the existing crises and criticized the government for being afraid to hold elections due to widespread discontent among the people.
Responding to a question on films being made to “defame” Islam, Omar Abdullah said, “Islam is not so weak that a film made by someone would impact our religion.”

“We know there are some people who have so much hatred for our religion that they cannot tolerate us and they often make these kinds of movies in between. We have been negating them and will continue to do so,” he added.
Talking about the upcoming unity meeting of opposition parties in Bihar on June 23, Omar Abdullah stated that the National Conference has a limited role to play in the gathering. He, however, highlighted that parties with a significant number of seats in Parliament should demonstrate unity.