Arvind Kejriwal accuses BJP, Congress of neglecting education for 37 years

New Delhi-Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday accused the BJP and the Congress party of neglecting education for 37 years while inaugurating the new building of a Girls’ Senior Secondary School in Uttam Nagar.

He said that this school was opened in 1985 but was operating in temporary tin sheds.

Kejriwal said that despite the BJP and Congress governments being in power for 37 years, no one took steps to improve the school.

He emphasized that his government had rebuilt the school, which was previously functioning in substandard conditions. The infrastructure of the new school is now better than that of any private school.

As per Kejriwal, when his government approved the construction of a new building in January 2021, the school was operating in 48 tin sheds.

However, within a record time of 28 months, the new building was completed which consists of 41 classrooms, where 1, 600 girls study.

Additionally, the school has 12 labs, 2 libraries, offices and staff rooms, activity rooms, including those for children with special needs. Each floor also has a toilet block, and a lift is installed in the main school building.

Moreover, the school boasts a multi-purpose auditorium with a seating capacity of 250 people.

“Come what may, I will not let the work being done in education be hampered. This school exceeds the standards set by any private school. For 37 long years, both the BJP and Congress governed the state, yet education never found a place on their agenda. As a result, a permanent school building was never constructed here, ” Kejriwal said.