Unseasoned Rainfall brings damage to Crops

Mahendra Singh of Modi Nagar was planning to get his wheat crops harvest in a day or two but is deeply shattered after the uncertain rainfall in the region. Half of his crops are damaged due to rainfall and hailstorm.  Swaran Singh of Punjab has also planned to harvest his crops in a week but the sudden downpour is a big loss for him. This is not the story of only Swaran Singh and Mahendra Singh, farmers across the country are facing the same crisis. Unseasoned rains and hail in parts of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan,  Punjab, Haryana and  Maharashtra etc over the past three four days has caused damaged to the wheat, gram, pulses and other crops. The farmers across the nation are demanding adequate compensation.

The untimely rains in mid- March has damaged the Rabi crops and would result in low yield. According to a report, the rains have been beneficial for vegetables and mangos but it has damaged litchi crop in Bihar. The wheat yield is likely to impact in North-Western states, could lead to decline this year.

 The farmers of Maharashtra are also facing the same issue as their crops of wheat, pulses, bananas, grapes, gram, mangoes are  also damaged after this hail storm. The onion crops in Nasik is affected by 5- 10 percent.  The farmers of Assam have shifted their produce of fruits and vegetables to the safer places.

 The sudden impact of climate change is not only a warning but a concern. According to a report by Crisil Market Intelligence and Analytics, the cumulative rains have been 20 percent more than the normal. Vinod Kumar a farmer in Uttar Pradesh is demanding compensation, most of my crops are damaged,  Our variety of wheat commands more than 4000 per quintal, but I don’t think I can get more than 2000 this time, said Kumar.

 The high velocity winds and rains have cause damage to crops in Punjab and Haryana also. The Ludhiana, Mohali, Bhatinda and Moga districts are the worst affected. The Punjab government has recently ordered a special “girdawari” for crop loss assessment. Expressing the concern the Chief Minister of Punjab Bhagwant Mann said government is committed to safeguard Farmers interests. The standing wheat crops in districts like Lalitpur, Mathura, Chitrakoot and Bahraich in UP are also affected, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has directed insurance companies and the concerned department to look into this matter and distribute compensation accordingly. The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh is also taking measures accordingly.

Western disturbance in Himalyas is moving fast. Hailstorm and heavy winds is a deadly combination for standing crops. Wheat crop is harvested in April every year, but the damage to crops by this sudden rainfall has triggered fear among farmers, most of them are demanding adequate compensation.