Fire causes ‘colossal damage’ to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Macron vows to re-build

The 850-year-old spire and roof of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris have collapsed but the main structure of the building have been saved after a major fire erupted at Gothic building on Monday evening, officials said.

Consumed by flames, the spire leaned to one side and fell onto the burning roof.

According to the latest report, officials said the fire was under control.

The cause is yet to be ascertained but officials said it could be linked to extensive renovation works underway.

President Emmanuel Macron praised firefighters for saving the cathedral’s iconic facade and towers, saying “the worst has been avoided.”

Macron has vowed to rebuild Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris after a colossal fire tore through the building.

“We’ll rebuild this cathedral all together and it’s undoubtedly part of the French destiny and the project we’ll have for the coming years,” said Macro.

The fire began on Monday evening and quickly reached the roof of the cathedral, destroying its stained-glass windows and the wooden interior before toppling the spire.

Around 400 firefighters then battled to control the fire and save at least its iconic front towers. They finally gained the upper hand as midnight approached.

Paris prosecutor’s office said it had opened an inquiry into “accidental destruction by fire”.

US President Donald Trump in a tweet said it was “horrible” to watch the massive fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

“Perhaps flying water tankers could be used to put it out. Must act quickly!” Trump added.

The French civil security agency, Sécurité Civile, has responded to US President Donald Trump’s suggestion that “flying water tankers” should be used to fight the Notre Dame fire.

The agency tweeted, “Hundreds of firemen of the Paris Fire Brigade are doing everything they can to bring the terrible #NotreDame fire under control. All means are being used, except for water-bombing aircrafts which, if used, could lead to the collapse of the entire structure of the cathedral.”

Former US President Barack Obama posted a photo of his family visiting Notre Dame along with a message that said “Notre Dame is one of the world’s great treasures, and we’re thinking of the people of France in your time of grief. It’s in our nature to mourn when we see history lost – but it’s also in our nature to rebuild for tomorrow, as strong as we can.”