UK MP faces backlash over ‘Who Will Speak for Kashmir’ letter

Conservative British MP Marco Longhi has come under fire after writing a public letter urging the British Pakistani community in Dudley North to vote for him in the upcoming UK polls on July 4. In his letter, released on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, Longhi emphasized his condemnation of India’s “illegal actions in Kashmir” and pledged to continue raising the issue in Parliament.

Longhi’s letter highlighted his commitment to speaking against what he described as the Indian government’s “atrocities” towards the people of Kashmir. He also criticized the re-election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, predicting tougher times for Kashmiris and condemning Modi’s plan to pursue full statehood for Kashmir, which Longhi claimed would strip Kashmiris of their special status.

The letter has sparked significant backlash. Rajesh Agrawal of the Labour Party criticized Longhi’s actions as a “shameful attempt to divide communities,” offensive to both Muslim and Hindu communities. Agrawal called for Conservative leader Rishi Sunak to withdraw support for Longhi’s campaign and to apologize for what he described as divisive and alienating tactics.