Tripura CM Biplab Deb threatens to pull out nails who interfere in his government affairs

biplabTripura Chief Minister Biplab Dev, who is now famous for making contentious statements, has again flared up a new controversy.

Reportedly a video has emerged in which Tripura CM Dev can be seen saying that anyone who interferes in or pokes at his government would find their nails pulled out.

Further, he said that “Around 8 in the morning, a vegetable seller brings bottle gourd to the market. However, the same gourd gets rotten by around 9 am due to repeated digging of nails by customers. He instantly replied on seeing this that this should not happen with my government. No interference in my government. If someone pokes or interferes his nail would be pulled out. No one can touch my government.”

However, this is not the first time that his statement has moved in controversy.

 On April 29, the Chief Minister advised the youth to “set up paan shops instead of running after political parties for several years to get government jobs and waste the vital time of their life”, for which he rendered an apology later.

“The youth here runs after political parties for several years to get a government job and wastes the vital time of their life, had the same youth instead of running after parties set up a paan shop he would have by now had a bank balance of Rs 5 lakh,” said Deb.

Two weeks ago, the said that the internet existed during the time of the fictional Mahabharata.