Fuel prices hit a new record; a litre of petrol now cost ₹ 101.89 in Delhi

Petrol price in India today hit a new record as prices were revised across the country. The price of petrol was increased yesterday to 25 paise, the new rate is now ₹ 101.89 in national capital.

According to the price notification shared by the Indian Oil Corporation the petrol price in Mumbai remains at ₹ 107.95 per litre.

Diesel prices stood at ₹ 90.17 per litre in Delhi, a hike of 30 paise. In Mumbai, diesel retails from ₹ 97.84 onwards. Fuel rates vary across the states due to value-added tax (VAT).

While in Kolkata the rate of petrol is ₹ 102.47 per litre and ₹ 93.27 per litre for diesel. In Chennai, petrol prices stand at ₹ 99.58 per litre, while diesel is priced at ₹ 94.74 per litre.

This is the third price hike in petrol and the sixth hike for diesel since the end of a three-week-long interval in rate revision.

In the five price increases since September 24, 2021, diesel rates have gone up by ₹ 1.25 per litre, compensating in a way to the price reduction that happened between July 18 and September 5 this year. Prior to July, prices for petrol had already increased by ₹ 11.44 per litre, while diesel went up by ₹ 9.14 between May and July 2021.