Trami hits Japan, weather officials warn of fierce weather conditions

A powerful typhoon Trami headed towards Japan on late September 30 night resulted in heavy rain and strong winds. Over 40 people sustained minor injuries and no report of death was reported yet.

Weather officials warned that fierce winds and torrential rain could trigger landslides and floods.

The Japan Meteorological Agency expects it will have moved past Tokyo and the surrounding region and is now expected to hit northern parts of Japan today.

Forecasters revealed that packing maximum gusts of 216 kilometres (134 miles) per hour near its centre, Trami was forecast to travel over most of the archipelago, causing extreme weather today.

Officials are urging people to avoid going outside to avoid the dangerous weather.

Farms and homes in Miyazaki, on the southern main island of Kyushu, were flooded as Trami wreaked havoc across southwestern Japan.

Trami resulted in air and land traffic disruptions, causing power outages, and forcing evacuations from areas still recovering from recent typhoons.

Authorities suspended bullet train services in the west of Japan and more than 1,000 flights cancelled on major airports throughout Japan and Tokyo’s evening train service scrapped.

According to reports authorities issued evacuation advisories to some 349,000 residents, while electricity was cut to more than 300,000 houses.