Synthetic drugs smuggled from Pakistan being sold in 10 states

Information reveals, consumption of synthetic drugs being illegally smuggled from Pakistan via Punjab has witnessed nearly 18% increase in past some time in nearly 10 districts in the country including Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Utter Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and and Bihar. Synthetic drugs are manufactured in laboratories with mixing chemicals like in case of medicines and the demand of such drugs fast increasing with much increased profits in this illegal business.

A survey reveals that opium has much demand and consumption in Haryana state as compared to other drugs being supplied from the states Rajasthan, Utter Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Whereas, drugs like heroine and charas are in much demand in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Utter Pradesh states. Ganja is widely used in Haryana state especial in much demand in rural areas being smuggled from various states including Utter Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha and Rajasthan.

Narcotic Control Bureau led by a senior IPS officer Shrikant Jaghav was set up in Haryana state some time ago with the efforts of Home Minister Anil Vij when the state become a hub of drugs in North which arrested large number of drug smugglers and suppliers in the state in past one year and seized huge stocks of drugs including opium, heroine, charas, ganja poppy husk, intoxicated tablets, capsules and injection from drug smugglers. State government took a decision to introduce bulldozer scheme in Haryana and demolished large number of industrial and commercial structures built illegally in the state with the earning from sale and smuggling of drugs by hard core criminals and gangsters in order to wipe out drugs completely from the state.    

According to information by Narcotic Control Bureau information nearly 460 cases have been registered in the state in which 4683 drug smugglers, suppliers were arrested. Shrikant Jaghav told that Haryana state police during year 2022 till November 8 has registered 3350 cases under NDPS Act as compared to 3975 cases registered during year 2021 in the state.

There are few drug smuggling cases reported recently in Haryana state in  which police succeeded in recovery of huge stocks of drugs which include a case in which custom department during a raid at Guhla-Chika in Kaithal district seized nearly 6 kg  heroine of value worth Rs 42 crore which was being smuggled from Pakistan via Punjab, besides police also recovered cash amount worth Rs 33. 84,000. In another case, STF team Gurugram recovered a consignment of drugs at Rai in Sonipat district in which two drug smugglers from Panipat carrying ganja in a canter were arrested. Narcotic Control Bureau team from Hisar seized huge stock of drugs being carried on the Railway Road at Jind. Similarly, Chandigarh police recovered heroine of value worth over Rs 15 lakh a few days ago. Recently, Narcotic Control Bureau busted a gang at Palwal involved in supply of intoxicated injections with the arrest of two youths and recovered from them 4000 injections which were purchased by them at the rate Rs 7 each and being sold at the price up to Rs 400 each injection.