AAP and Congress welcome the SC decision for Delhi govt

New Delhi-; It is a major win for Aam Aadmi Party government headed by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today when the Supreme Court gave a decision that Delhi govt. must have control over services and that the LG is bound by its decision. Welcoming the SC decision the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today said “This is Historic for Delhi, we have been fighting for this since 8 years.”.. Both my hands were tied and I was thrown into river but I kept swimming, Kejriwal added. The Congress has also welcomed it saying “Democracy has won” while BJP has been defeated at many fronts.   

  The Supreme Court has made it clear that neither is Delhi like other Union territories nor is  the Chief Minister and his cabinet less than any other State. The Delhi assembly is given powers to legislate to represent the will of the people, a constitution bench of the Supreme Court said in an unanimous judgement today. The Bench also said that in a democratic government, the real power of administration lies in the hands of Elected government.

The five bench Constitution bench tackled the question of who has administrative control over transfers and controls over bureaucrats in the national capital. The SC also said that if entire power goes in hands of lieutenant Governor, there is no use having a separate elected body in Delhi. If the Elected government is not allowed to control its officers and hold them to account, than its responsibility and duty towards its people remains diluted.

 Both AAP and Congress have applauded the Supreme Court’s decision on Delhi today. Briefing the media, Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singvi said the Supreme Court verdict is the victory of the people, it is a defeat of BJP today. It restores representative democracy, it restores autonomy and independence of Delhi and it gives unique constitutional Status for Delhi. Singhvi added.  AAP leader Raghav Chadha in a tweet said, “ Satyamev Jayate” Delhi wins, the Supreme court’s verdict is a landmark judgement sends a message that officers working with Delhi government are meant to serve the people of Delhi through its Elected government.  The Delhi Government approached the Supreme Court in 2018, questioning that the decisions were constantly overruled by the Lieutenant Governor, they argued over appointments and transfers and that the basic decision making was obstructed.