Reliance group to Rahul Gandhi: Party misinformed on Rafale fighter jet deal

Reliance Group Chairman Anil Ambani on August 20 while clarifying the role of his company in Rafale fighter jet deal has written to Congress President Rahul Gandhi saying that the party has been “misinformed, misdirected and misled” by malicious vested interests and corporate rivals on the offsets related to the Rafale deal.

Company statement said, “Allegations of Reliance benefitting by thousands of crores is a figment of imagination, promoted by vested interests.”

Company while refuting allegations said in a statement that last week Reliance Group chairman again wrote to Gandhi saying that not a single component worth a single rupee is to be manufactured by his group for the 36 Rafale jets India is buying from France.

Reliance Group chairman said that Gandhi’s allegation that Reliance Defence was set up just 10 days before the announcement on April 10, 2015, of government’s decision to purchase 36 French-manufactured Rafale jets links factually incorrect information “and is thus irrelevant and completely false.”

The statement further reads there is no contract from the Defence Ministry to any Reliance Group company related to 36 Rafale aircraft.

The company statement further reads the Reliance Group announced its decision to enter the defence manufacturing sector in December 2014-January 2015, months before the intention for the purchase of Rafale aircraft.

The Congress president has accused the government of changing the deal to benefit “one businessman”, his party has demanded a JPC probe into the deal.