Rohit Shetty on shooting ‘Singham Again’ in Kashmir: Once there was terrorism

Bollywood film director Rohit Shetty wrapped up shooting his highly anticipated film ‘Singham Again’ in Kashmir, featuring Ajay Devgn in the lead role. The director took to Instagram to share his experiences and express his gratitude towards the people of Kashmir. Describing the shoot as the “most amazing and emotional,” Shetty highlighted the region’s transformation following the abrogation of Article 370.

In his Instagram post, Rohit Shetty shared a video that included a heartfelt message: “We always had a paradise in our motherland called Kashmir but once there was terrorism, unrest, curfews, no social life. And then Article 370 got abolished. 5 years later we landed up filming Singham Again. And now the New Kashmir. Happiness. Young energy. Tourism. Peace. Love. Naye Bharat ka naya Kashmir.”

The video also provided glimpses of Ajay Devgn from the shoot in Kashmir. Dressed in a police uniform and surrounded by army tanks, Devgn was seen with an intense look on his face. He shared this image on his own social media, captioning it “On Duty… AGAIN!” emphasizing the return of his iconic character in the new film.