NCRB report: over 1.5 lakh suicide cases in country

According to National Crime Report Bureau report nearly 1.53,052  lakh persons committed suicide in the country during year 2020 on an average 418 persons committed suicide daily, which included 4001 suicide cases registered in Haryana state. Among those lost lives in suicides were 70.9 % males and remaining females. The number of suicide cases reported during year 2020 was higher than the previous year 2019 in which 1,39,123 persons died due to suicides having about 10.4% increase in suicide cases. Similarly 11.3% increase in suicide cases was recorded in the year 2019 as compared to year 2018. Information reveals, out of total number of suicide cases registered in year 2020 were 10,677 persons from agriculture sector which included 5579 labourers committed suicide in the year due to financial burden on them.

While having a look at the total suicide cases in Haryana state during 2020, about 4001 persons committed suicide in the year every day which included 3084 males and remaining females on an average 111 persons had lost lives daily committing suicide recording 4.5% drop in suicide cases as compared to previous year since according to available data with NCRB 4191persons had committed suicide in Haryana state in the previous year 2019.  According to information, out of total number of suicide cases registered in the state in the year 2020 included 33.6% suicide cases due to domestic violence, nearly 5% cases due to conflict between husband and wife,  nearly 18% cases due to mental tension including health disorders either due to suffering from prolonged illness or a dreaded disease. Among suicide victims in Haryana state it was observed that 57.8% suicides were committed by Hanging, in 25% cases victims committed suicide by consuming poison, in 5.2% cases suicide was committed by jumping from height or into river water and in 3% suicide cases the victims ended life by burning themselves.

In case of neighboring Punjab state, total number of 2616 suicide cases  were reported  in 2020 as compared to 2357 cases  reported during previous year 2019. Similarly, 131 suicide cases were registered at Chandigarh UT in the year 2020 as compared to 128 cases registered in 2019. Committing suicide is an offence and legal action is taken against accused under section 309 IPC liable for imprisonment minimum for a period of one year and fine. According to NCRB information, Maharashtra state leads in suicide cases in the country and during the year 2020 nearly 19,904 persons committed suicide, followed by 14,578 suicide cases registered in Madhya Pradesh, 13,103 cases registered in West Bengal, 12,259 suicide cases registered in Karnatka, NCRB also revealed that maximum number of  33.6% suicide cases were reported due to family disputes, 5% suicide cases due to marriage conflicts and 18% suicide cases due to victims suffering from a serious disease.