Modi slams opposition for their statement

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday lashed out at the opposition and accused them of “helping Pakistan and harming India” with their statements.

“Sadly, a few parties, guided by Modi hatred have started hating India. No wonder, while the entire nation supports our armed forces, they suspect the armed forces. The world is supporting India’s fight against terror, but a few parties suspect our fight against terror,” Modi said, addressing a rally in Tamil Nadu’s Kanyakumari.

“The same people whose statements are helping Pakistan & harming India. They are the same people whose statements are being happily quoted in Parliament of Pakistan and in the radio of Pakistan. I want to ask them- do you support our armed forces or suspect them?” Modi questioned.

“They should clarify- Do they believe our armed forces or they believe those forces who support terrorism on our soil? I want to tell them- Modi will come and go, India will remain. Please stop weakening India to strengthen your own politics,” Modi added.

“India has been facing the menace of terrorism for years. But, there is a big difference now- India will no longer be helpless in the wake of terror.” he said.

“The events of the past few days have demonstrated yet again the strength of our armed forces. It has also brought our nation closer. The way the nation has supported our armed forces is extra-ordinary and I bow to every Indian for that,” he added.

Modi further said that Influence of terrorists and terrorism has been curtailed and it is going to be curtailed even more. This is a New India. that will return the damage done by terrorists with interest.

Modi felt extremely proud while announcing that India’s first woman Defence Minister is from Tamil Nadu and the brave Wing Commander Abhinandan also hails from the same state.

Modi said that he had flagged off the fastest train, Tejas, between Madurai and Chennai.

“This is one of the most modern trains and is a great example of ‘Make in India’ having been manufactured in the Integral Coach Factory of Chennai itself,” he added.

Under PM Kisan Yojna, over 1.1 crore farmers have already got their first instalment in their bank accounts. Modi said, “a scheme announced on February 1 has become a reality in the same month itself. We worked 24 hours non-stop to ensure the scheme is rolled out in 24 days.”

In 2014, it was after 30 years his party got a full majority in Parliament, Modi said.