ArtAmbika Beri on Art

In creating Playfully Yours, Nantu Behari Das draws a parallel between children and soft fur, a tongue-in-cheek reminder that all is not what it may seem. The sculpture creates the perfect illusion of tenderness, which compels you to reach out and touch the figure. But it is only an illusion, since the child is made of fibreglass and aluminium nails, material you’d never really associate with tenderness. Figurative and expressionist in character, it has the added dimension of humour exemplified by the child’s expression: his composed face is strikingly offset by his glaring eyes.
Beri is the owner of Sanskriti Gallery, Kolkata 
bookKavita Panjabi on Books

Juan Rulfo’s Pedro Páramo radically transformed the Latin American novel with its unique experimentation and worked as a powerful influence on Garcia Marquez, Borges and Fuentes. It is a must read for the sheer creative force of its narrative. In English, the translation by Lysander Kemp is the one to get.
Panjabi is an author & professor of Comparative Literature 
musicHimanshu Vaswani on Music 

With their unique blend of Bollywood-influenced alt rock and pop music, The Ganesh Talkies have charmed audiences across India. Their performances feature an array of costumes and props. Suyasha’s powerful vocals accompanied by power-packed musicians will ensure that you jump through every bit of their energetic live performances.
Vaswani manages the Mumbai-based band, The Lightyears Explode 
[/box]Aanaahad Singh on Film
A friend suggested that I watch Peaceful Warrior a while back and I was stunned at the purity and brilliance of this film, directed by Victor Salva. The story of a locally famous gymnast, Den, who dreams of becoming a national champion is beautifully wrapped in the subject of ‘focus-consciousness’. Pearls of being and staying integrated are beautifully woven and presented through Den’s fascinating journey. It is a guide for everyone who is seeking peace outside (mistakenly) or inside themselves. 

Singh is an actor who starred in the national award-winning Lahore
Bhavnish Marwah on Food
There are now diverse possibilities to dine out in Hauz Khas Village, but Gunpowder still remains one of my favourites. It is a very down-to-earth restaurant in this trendy, bustling Village, serving Kerala and coastal Andhra cuisine. I just loved the Kerala fish curry in coconut with Malabar paratha. The Andhra prawn masala and the kootu paratha (a local meal made of sliced parathas with egg/chicken/mutton and fresh tomatoes, onion and chillies) were great too. It’s always worth climbing the four floors for an excellent meal with a breathtaking view in the middle of this hectic city.
Marwah is general manager of Hao Shi Nian Niann in Delhi