Madhya Pradesh crisis: Congress leader Digvijaya Singh placed under preventive arrest in Bengaluru

Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh sat on a protest outside the Ramada hotel in Bengaluru early Wednesday morning after he was allegedly stopped from meeting the Congress MLAs inside the hotel.

This came ahead of Supreme Court hearing on the Madhya Pradesh political crisis.

Singh reached the hotel today morning and tried to enter the hotel to meet party lawmakers. However, he was stopped from going into the hotel following which he sat on protest.

The Bengaluru police have taken Singh into preventive custody.

“I am a Rajya Sabha candidate from Madhya Pradesh and I am not allowed to meet the MLAs,” said Digvijay Singh.

“I am in Bengaluru to meet our MLAs. I am not allowed to meet them by Karnataka Police. I am not armed. I am not a threat to them. I am here to meet them in full public view, not secretly. But BJP wants to keep them under lock and key. They have abducted democracy,” Digvijay tweeted.

“MLAs are not individual citizens, they represent lakhs of their constituents. If they have any problem, the constitutional provision is to meet Speaker or express on the Floor of the Assembly or through authorised Party leaders. Any other method is abduction of democracy,” he added.

Digvijay further said, “BJP’s model of democracy: MLAs can’t speak to CM, MLAs can’t speak to their family members, MLAs can’t speak to Speaker, MLAs can’t speak to party leaders. MLAs will only speak under controlled circumstances & glare of goons posted by opposition. This is being called democracy!”

“We have been taken to the local DCP office by Bengaluru police. I demand that we must be allowed to meet our MLAs , who are in BJP’s captivity. I announce my Hunger Strike, till we are allowed to meet our MLAs. We live in Democracy, not Dictatorship,” Digvijay added.

Digvijaya Singh arrived in Bengaluru, early morning today. He was received by Karnataka Congress chief DK Shivakumar.