India takes proactive measures to deal with detained students in US

Indian government has continued to closely monitor and take proactive measures to deal with the detention of Indian students enrolled in a fraudulent university in the U.S.

According to U.S. Government statistics, 129 Indian nationals had been administratively arrested as on January 31 in connection with their enrollment at the ‘university’.

“As on date, our Embassy and Consulates have obtained consular access to the 117 of them, by proactively visiting 36 different detention sites through the length and breadth of the country. Consular access to the remaining students, estimated at about a dozen, are continuing, including through the 24/7 helpline set up by the Embassy and outreach to the community,” Ministry of external affairs said.

“Assistance is being extended to the Indian students in obtaining legal advice and connecting them to community support services,” the statement said.

“We remain in touch with the U.S. authorities, both at the local and federal level, to ensure and satisfy ourselves about humane and dignified treatment of the Indian students and custom-sensitive dietary and living arrangement for them during the period of their detention,” it added.

Indian government continues to attach high priority to the well-being of the detained students and will remain constantly engaged with the U.S. authorities and other stakeholders, to address the issue.