‘Fancy tractor’: Omar Abdullah tweets as Hema Malini drives tractor in Mathura

BJP MP and candidate of Mathura constituency in Uttar Pradesh Hema Malini, who has become one of the most-watched candidates for the Lok Sabha election was on Friday seen driving a tractor during campaigning in her constituency. She has been trolled by former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah over her latest photograph while driving a tractor in Mathura.

“What are those drums on the side? Please don’t tell me those are mist generators for cool air? Wow, that’s one fancy tractor,” Omar tweeted.

A few days ago, Hema Malini was seen lending a hand to women working in a wheat field, carrying bundles of the freshly harvested crop. 

Hema tweeted on March 31, “Began my Lok Sabha campaign today with the Govardhan Kshetra where I had the opportunity to interact with women working in the fields. A few fotos for u of my first day of campaign.”

The actor turned politician is the sitting MP of Mathura constituency and is seeking re-election from the seat.