My intention is only peace, not politics: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi takes a moment to address the media following his meeting with Manipur Governor Anusuiya Uikey at the prestigious Raj Bhavan in Imphal.

Imphal : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, has said that his visit had no political agenda and his sole objective was to bring about peace in Manipur, emphasizing his intention to promote peace in the state. He was taking the opportunity to address the media and express his views following his meeting with Manipur Governor Anusuiya Uikey in front of the Raj Bhavan, Imphal.

When asked to comment on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s prolonged silence since the outbreak of violence on May 3, Gandhi stated that he would refrain from making any political remarks and reiterated his focus on achieving peace in Manipur.

Gandhi expressed his purpose in visiting Manipur by emphasizing his desire to empathize with the people and acknowledged the tragic events that had unfolded. He remarked, “It is a horrible tragedy that has taken place,” expressing his sorrow on behalf of both the people of Manipur and India as a whole.

He further elaborated on the dire situation in Manipur, having visited relief camps and interacted with individuals from various communities. Gandhi highlighted the deficiencies in these camps and urged the government to take immediate action to address them.

Drawing attention to the conditions in both Imphal and Churachandpur districts, Gandhi stressed the need for improved basic amenities, enhanced food provisions, and the supply of essential medicines in the relief camps.

He expressed that he believed that violence would yield no positive outcome and called upon everyone to actively work towards achieving peace.

Gandhi assured his commitment to assist in restoring normalcy to Manipur, stating, “I am here. I will help anyway, do anything I can to bring peace to the state. I love all the people of Manipur, and once again, it’s a terrible time, and we need to bring peace to the state.”

During his two-day visit to Manipur, Rahul Gandhi assessed the situation in both the valley and Churachandpur district, which have been severely affected by the ongoing violence. Since May 3, the violence has claimed the lives of over 125 individuals, causing significant damage to properties in both Meitei and Kuki concentrated areas.