Europe: Worst hit continent, crisis takes huge toll on economy

Europe continues to grapple with Covid -19 and is the worst effective continent from this pandemic. With more than 60 thousand deaths, Europe death toll count is more than 70% of all the deaths recorded worldwide. The vast majority of deaths have occurred in France, Spain and Italy as these three countries became the hotspot of this virus.

In last 24 hours, Italy recorded 542 deaths and continues to remain the worst hit country in the world due to Coronavirus. The country has recorded 17,669 deaths since the outbreak. More than 60 million people in the nation are under complete lock down. Whereas, Spain has recorded 757 deaths in the last 24 hours as its daily death toll rose for the first time in last 5 days. Spanish authorities are currently working on the plan to lift some of the restrictions to ease the lock down.

France has crossed the ten thousand death mark and became the third most affected country due to this pandemic. The country is likely to extend its lock down period beyond 15th April. Because of pandemic, economy of France has contracted 6% in the first quarter of 2020. In Switzerland, 895 deaths are recorded so far and the number of cases rose to 23,280. Emergency measures in the country have also been extended till 26th April.

Furthermore, European Union is currently dealing with its worst crisis since its foundation. Mauro Ferrari, Head of the European Union top scientific research body, resigned due to stinging criticism of Coronavirus response. European Union recession rescue plan have also been delayed.

Additionally, Meetings between Euro zone finance ministers based on current economic situation has also failed. They failed to settle on a rescue package to support the EU’s economies due to coronavirus disaster. The seven-hour video conference ended after Italy and Spain accused Germany and the Netherlands of not doing enough to help out the bloc’s less wealthy nations.