Delhi likely to get cleaner version of CNG

The National Capital city would soon have a cleaner version of the compressed natural gas (CNG). According to reports the testing for the other alternative- H-CNG (hydrogen-CNG) will begin later this month.

The Supreme Court (SC) has directed Union government and the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd to opt for hydrogen-CNG as an alternative fuel option, following a report submitted by the Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA).

The EPCA report stated that the use of hydrogen-CNG can reduce the carbon monoxide and other harmful emissions by 70%.

S S V Kumar, director, Indian Oil Corporation, R&D centre, reportedly said, “There can be a 70% reduction in carbon monoxide and the icing on the cake is that this can give 3 to 4% fuel economy improvement as well. Our studies indicated that there is no reduction in NOx however, but with certain changes, that too can be achieved.”

In the long run this new green fuel variant may also lead to a drop in fuel prices.

The SC suggested that at as many as 50 buses have to be tested first with H-CNG and it will only be rolled out if the tests are successful.

According to Indian Oil Corporation officials they will “work on” the fuel variant after they are allocated a bus depot this month.