Coronavirus cases in US top 300,000

The number of coronavirus cases in the United States has crossed 300,000, while the death toll passed 8,100.

During a press briefing at the White House, US President Donald Trump said, “We are in this together—and we will prevail together. We will use every possible resource to end this war and open our country again.”

Federal agencies are working together to supplement the states by stockpiling medical supplies around the country, he said.

He thanked doctors, nurses, medical professionals and food supply workers who are feeding the nation.

“My administration is working very aggressively to pioneer new medical countermeasures to treat and prevent infection,” Trump added.

Currently the US has the highest number of COVID-19 cases while Italy has the greatest number of deaths.

More than 12,00,000 people have been infected by virus worldwide and death toll surged past 60,000.