Caller abuses PM Modi’s mother on BBC show, sparks outrage

BBC Asian Network’s radio show ‘Big Debate’ has been drawing immense criticism on social media after a caller used derogatory remarks against the mother of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The remarks was allegedly made when the discussion digressed towards the farm laws stir going in India for the past three months at the borders of the national capital of Delhi.
The programme, however, has been edited and the part has been removed so what led to the remark could not be verified.
In the debate-based show, which was about racism against Sikhs and Indians in the UK, the discussion moved towards the ongoing farmer’s protests in Delhi against the three controversial agriculture laws.
During the show, one of the callers spoke unpleasant words against PM Modi’s mother, Heeraben Modi.
A video was shared on Twitter and many have since commented about the post. Many criticized the radio show host as well because the organization didn’t oppose the statement and permitted it to be broadcasted.
Thousands of farmers have been camping at Delhi border points for nearly three months against the three agricultural laws passed in September last year.
Protests have been taking place in Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and various cities of the country as well.