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The Jedi Return
The Stars Unite
In celluloid outer space there existed two camps: Star Wars and Star Trek. Each had its own universe, people and cult. But George Lucas ripped the space-time continuum, announcing that the director of the next Star Wars movie will be JJ Abrams, who directed the 2009 hit Star Trek. Never before has one person inherited the legacy of both franchises. Fans are speculating on how Abrams will bring back the Skywalkers and the Solos. But they’re united on one thing; the force is strong with this one.
Hot pursuits Deepika Padukone
Hot pursuits Deepika Padukone Photo: Yogen Shah

Close Encounters
Is the grapevine always ripe with hyperbole? For instance, when they say of Ram Leela that Sanjay Leela Bhansali has shot sizzling love scenes with Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh of the kind that neither the director nor his lead pair has ever done, it does leave us pleading for sanity. Does ‘never-before’ in these particular scenes mean scaling up of the risqué factor, or does Bhansali simply want our jaws to drop at the money he spent shooting them? A source said it’s akin to the ‘sizzling’ chemistry of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Someone tell him even soggy analogies can turn a playwright in his grave.
Die Another Day The new version of Call of Duty
Die Another Day The new version of
Call of Duty

Game Plan 
Call of Duty and Medal of Honour, two popular video games, have been banned by the Pakistani government for depicting the country in a poor light. In one, it is required that you decimate ISI forces by slitting their throats. The other, which shows Pakistan as a hotbed for terrorists, was developed with the help of US Navy SEALs who assassinated Bin Laden. Perhaps it would have helped to let videogames remain means of mass entertainment rather than turning them into instruments of mass propaganda.
‘There’s no need for the next Farooq-Deepti’
Farooq Shaikh (The retro couple of Bollywood isn’t done just yet)