UpUrFit unveils sports & fitness focussed products range

New Delhi: UpUrFit, an India-grown start-up has launched the widest range of products focusing on sports and fitness enthusiasts to help them overcome exercise-induced pain and discomfort and to give them a more hygienic workout experience.

In total, UpUrFit which recently was adjudged as the most promising brand in what is touted as the world’s largest exhibition for sports, fitness, and wellness IHFF has launched eight products. These products include Cryo and Thermo Gel to assist pre-exercise warm-up and post-exercise cool down, Cryo Spray for sudden impact-induced pain, Thermo Spray for post-exercise muscle soreness, towel-sized body and face wet wipes for hygiene and immediate freshness, towel sized shampoo wet wipes for hair and scalp cleansing post workout and hygiene, a mist based SPF 50+ sweat-proof sunscreen to assist outdoor activity and an Epsom salt-induced body wash for muscle relaxation during the post-exercise bath. The company claims that there is no other India-grown brand that supports the sports and fitness community from the time they think of exercising till the time of completion of their exercise regimen and beyond. All products are developed, trialed, and manufactured in India.

This Indian startup is founded by entrepreneurs Munish Vig and Vikram Gunjal and is based out of Mumbai. Speaking on the occasion of their participation in the New Delhi chapter of IHFF which is underway at Pragati Maidan, co-founder Munish Vig said, “Post the pandemic, the global population focusing on sports and fitness has grown multifold. The fitness population is doubling every 4 (four) years. People are getting fitter and there is a huge gap between the fitness enthusiasts’ current needs and the available solutions. Hence, UpUrFit found it to be the perfect time to extend the Make In India initiative and launch UpUrFit in India. It is time that Indian fitness enthusiasts get world-class solutions to help them overcome their performance barriers of pain, discomfort, and hygiene. We have done in-depth research on what is available in countries that currently are much ahead of India in their fitness learning curve. Like in many other areas, India is growing fast on the sports and fitness front too. India’s winning of more than 100 medals in the recent edition of Asian games is a testimony of the fact that the Indian sports and fitness community needs the best solutions that exist globally.”

International brands have started looking very seriously at the Indian market. We are seeing recent launches of some foreign brands in India. Keen interest is being seen from sports celebrities for endorsement and investment in products from this segment. UpUrFit remains India’s first brand with the widest range of products from this segment. In its early days, UpUrFit has already won the confidence of leading Indian sports physiotherapists, gym chains and has partnered with some of the top sports teams from the financial capital of India as their activation and recovery partner.