Terrorists launch third attack in 3 days on Jammu and Kashmir Army base

Terrorists attacked an army base in the Chattargala area of Doda late last night, marking the third such incident in the region over the past three days, according to police reports early this morning.

A joint checkpoint manned by the Army and Police in Chattargala was targeted in the assault. “The Army and Police joint checkpoint has engaged terrorists in the Chattargala area of Doda. Firefight is going on,” a police spokesperson said.

Initial reports indicate that two soldiers were injured during the early exchange of gunfire. The condition of the injured soldiers has not been disclosed.

This attack follows a deadly assault in Kathua district just hours earlier, where terrorists opened fire, killing one person and injuring two others. Three days ago, terrorists attacked a bus carrying pilgrims, causing it to crash into a gorge and resulting in the tragic deaths of nine passengers.