United States: Mike Pence formally accepts Republican Vice-Presidential nomination

US Vice President Mike Pence on Wednesday formally accepted the Republican Vice-Presidential nomination for the re-election, which is to be held on November 3.

Pence, 61, officially accepted the nomination on the third night of the National Republican Convention in Baltimore, Maryland.

In a tweet, Mike Pence said, “With gratitude for the confidence President Donald Trump has placed in me, the support of our Republican Party, and the grace of God, I humbly accept your nomination to run and serve as Vice President of the United States!”

In his statement at the convention, Mike said, “Under President Trump, we will stand with those who stand on the Thin Blue Line, and we’re not going to defund the police—not now, not ever. President Trump and I know the men and women that put on the uniform of law enforcement are the best of us.”

“Views that were Radical a few years ago are now mainstream for the Democrat Party. We built the greatest economy in the world. We made America great again and every day, President Trump has been fighting to protect the promise of America. It’s on, America! #FOURMOREYEARS,” Pence added.