Unemployment: Where are those much promised jobs ?

Worse still, our young are getting sent off to the conflict-ridden Israel. And that too without the much-required cum much-needed guarantees. In such a grim situation, worries surmount. by Humra Quraishi

Though in the  election rallies and amidst the stale  political speeches, the  Right-Wing rulers  promised jobs for our young men and women, but where are those  much  promised  jobs! Today, as citizens of the country we ought to query and question: what happened to the promises and assurances made by the government of the day along the strain that there’ll be adequate jobs for our unemployed. Where are those jobs! Seems nowhere in sight!

Today, as unrest and anarchy and civil strife seems spreading out, distractions are getting thrown about, in the form of the various garbs and guises.  Worse still, our young are getting sent off to the conflict-ridden Israel! Mind you, many a time without the much-required cum much-needed guarantees! In such a grim situation, worries surmount. Where is the assurance that those unemployed going all the way to Israel for mundane jobs, are not stuffed into their armed forces to fight Hamas!

There’s been no doubt of this Right-Wing sarkar’s tilt towards Israel. Right from day one it came centre stage. Not limited to buying military /arms equipment from the Israeli companies but now, of course, going a step ahead. Sending our hapless-helpless-jobless young men to work in Israel.

And here comes in another very serious reality to it. To quote Vappala Balachandran (the formerSpecial Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat) from his  column published  in The  Tribune  on 18  January 2024: “There  are reports that the National Skill Development Corporation and state employment departments are recruiting Indian citizens for work in Israel. The Haryana Kaushal Rozgar Nigam is reported to have registered 550 candidates from Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh in a day for a skill test. These unemployed youths have chosen this option instead of approaching unscrupulous touts who charge Rs 40-50 lakh, as was seen in the recent ‘donkey route’ case. While the government route is preferable for overseas workers’ recruitment, what is disconcerting is the report that those selected will not undergo the statutory immigration clearance to ensure that their interests are protected at the destination. The report also said that the workers will not have insurance, medical coverage and other guarantees, which the government usually insists on for such overseas employees. It also said that our labour unions are agitated over this and intend to seek judicial remedies…If all this is true, this scheme is not advisable. Our workers’ contribution to the foreign exchange earnings has always been higher than the foreign direct investment. During 2023, the foreign inward remittance, mainly from our overseas workers, had touched a record $125 billion. During the same period, the FDI was only $70.9 billion…”


There’s also worry that the unemployed here in our country could be getting stuffed or say recruited into the Hindutva brigades nurtured by the  Right-Wing, to terrorize the  disadvantaged minority communities. In these recent couple of weeks, the communally surcharged atmosphere has only worsened. Shots and visuals of Hindutva mobs attacking Muslim property, chanting provocative slogans right in front of mosques, raising saffron flags atop  mosques and churches. To compound this frightful situation stand out the blatantly communal comments of the Right-Wing politicians. And seemingly no action against any of them. After all, they are part of the ruling brigade, out to instil fear in the minority community.

The situation can  be termed alarming to the extent that  though communal unleash by Hindutva  mobs was witnessed and reported in several  locales of Madhya  Pradesh, Gujarat,  Delhi, Uttar  Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana, Bihar, but  not a word of condemnation from any  of the  ruling politicians. Why!

And as these Hindutva brigades seem growing in size and dimension and  outreach and also in their brazen  unleash,  one wants to know the very  basics: Who all are funding  their upkeep? Which Hindutva outfits are recruiting these youngsters, training them to unleash violence? Who are the young men in these outfits? Why are these outfits not termed terror brigades, as they go about terrorizing and assaulting the minority communities? 

Also, looming is the big question in the backdrop of the larger  picture– in this atmosphere where  hate and violence is  getting whipped up to such an extent that Muslims in  North India are sitting  all too apprehensive and  fearful, what  lies ahead? Correct me, if I’m wrong  but the  dismal fact is that most Muslims have accepted their second class status as Right-Wing’s terrorizing tactics seem mounting. Many Muslims  can be  heard  mumbling, “Ab unki  sarkar  hai …woh jo  chahein  karva  saktai  hain …kya  karein!”  (It’s their government, they can do anything …what else!)

 Yes, Muslims are feeling not just utterly dejected and also as though doomed! Very worried about their future survival, as discrimination and destruction mounts. There seems to be a definite pattern, if not a well-planned design to weaken and dent the minority community to such an extent that they don’t react or even raise their voice. Subdued they survive as second or third class citizens. That is, if their very citizenship is not snatched away from them by any of the new rulings of this sarkar!

Of  course, 1992  has  been the turning point in the recent  history of the country, when LK  Advani’s  rath  yatra  paved the seeds of  divisions and utter anarchy all across the  Northern  States of the country…The last  ten years, right from 2014  when the  Right  Wing  government came centre stage, has only brought along some  very   grim  aspects to the  rising unemployment and poverty and crime and malnutrition deaths. Yet we continue to sit mute to these build-ups! Can’t we see beyond the  distractions!

 ‘Just keep on Living’ 

Ending this week’s column with this verse of Nida Fazli (translated  from Urdu  by Baidar  Bakht and Lesilie Lavigne) –  who  passed away  almost eight  years  back –  8 February 2016 

‘Just keep on living /

Just keep on living like this /

Say nothing /

When you get up in the morning /

Take a head count of the family /

Slouch in the chair and read the paper /

There was a famine there /

And a war raged somewhere else /

Be thankful that you are safe/

Switch on the radio and listen to the new pop songs /

When you leave the house /

Paste a smile on your face/

Pack handshakes in your hands /

Keep a few meaningless phrases on your lips /

Be passed through different hands like a coin/

Say nothing /

A white-collar /

Social respect /

A few drinks everyday/

What else do you need /

Just keep on like this /

Say nothing.’