Torture at California home: Police find 10 children living amid feces and garbage

California p636619270274665255-AP-Children-Tortured-99873591olice reveal that 10 children have been found in a home in Fieldstone Court in Fairfield, Northern California, living in filthy and horrible conditions amid feces and garbage.

According to a police statement, the probe began on March 31 when police found a 12-year-old who was reportedly missing back to the same house in California. He was found asleep under a bush in the yard of a nearby home.

Sharon Henry, chief deputy district attorney of the Solano County district attorney’s office has said that “I’m horrified by the statements that were given by these children. They were tortured for “a sadistic purpose.”

Police reached the same house and after entering found that 9 children ranging from age 4 months to 11 years were inside and living in extremely unsafe and unhygienic conditions. Children were also victim of physical and emotional abuse.

636619272617659293-AP-Children-Tortured-99874683The children were taken into protective custody by Solano County Child Welfare services and then placed in the care of other family members.

Jonathan Allen, who is the biological father of some of the children has been reportedly taken into custody. He is facing seven counts of torture and nine counts of felony child abuse. The 29-year-old man was arrested and is being held on more than $5-million bail.

Authorities further confirmed that their mother, Ina Rogers, has been charged with a misdemeanor count of child endangerment, but prosecutors are evaluating whether to file additional charges.