The verdict of Supreme Court marks the start of a new dawn: PM Modi

PM Modi hails the Supreme Court verdict on Ayodhya as historic and called it as a golden day in the history of India and Indian judiciary. PM urged all citizens to come together to build a New India and work for everyone’s development.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Today, on 9th November, the Kartarpur corridor has begun. In this corridor, there have been efforts from India and efforts from Pakistan. And now, with today’s verdict on Ayodhya, this date- the 9th of November teaches us the power of staying united and growing together. ”

PM said that SC heard everyone with much patience and gave unanimous verdict which has shown its tremendous resolve.

PM further said, “With today’s verdict, the Honourable Supreme Court has given a message that even the toughest issues can be resolved within the framework of the Constitution and in spirit of the laws.

We should learn from this verdict that even if there is some delay, we should remain patient. This is in everyone’s interest.

In every situation, our faith in India’s constitution, India’s judicial system must remain unwavering. This is very important.”

PM said that Supreme Court has given its decision on the construction of Ram Mandir and this decision has made it incumbent upon all us citizens to take our responsibility of nation building even more seriously. PM said that the harmony, brotherhood, friendship, unity and peace amongst us all, is very important for the nation’s development. PM urged all citizens to walk together and work together to achieve our goals and objectives.