‘The CRPF Is A Goonda Force’

Shashi Bhushan Pathak
Shashi Bhushan Pathak

Why can’t the police take on Jharkhand’s uncontrollable Naxals?
The police can’t put out the Maoists [Naxals] by force. The police only kill innocent people, which is wrong. The government should give the CPI (Maoist) political party status and hold talks. The Andhra Pradesh talks [in 2004] between that state government and the Maoists saw zero human rights violation from either side.

Goverment says they’re criminals.
Then why haven’t the police controlled them? This is an ideological problem, not crime. Naxalism is a creation of democracy’s failure. To pretend to be democratic and actually take the pain to practice the democratic process are two different things.

You claim that the Naxals are popular in villages. Why would that be?
The Maoists did several good things. They supported the ‘nationality’ movements [for local sovereignty]. Then they worked towards creating ‘land banks’ [for community farming]. They made sure poor mahua flower pickers became the owners. If Jharkhand still has 30 percent forests left, it’s only because of the Maoists. The government and the forest mafia have virtually denuded the state’s forests. Lastly, the Maoists ensured ‘speedy trials’ through their own justice system.

But why take innocent train passengers hostage?
I guess they oppose any symbol of state machinery.

The police say the five men killed by CRPF in Latehar on April 15 were Naxals.
The CRPF is a goonda force. The five killed were innocent villagers.