Tehelka Exclusive: Letter that matters in Davinder case

Letter highlighting his role in safe passage to terrorists nails J&K DSP Davinder Singh, reports Tehelka Bureau

There are many shocking revelations about the dismissed Jammu and Kashmir Police Deputy Superintendent of Police, Davindra Singh, but the most shocking revelation is that the DSP allegedly used to escort and ferry terrorists from Kashmir to other parts of the country.

Tehelka is in possession of one such letter in which Davindra Singh has recommended to all concerned to allow a safe passage to a top terrorist with weapons. This letter is in the hands of investigation agency Intelligence Bureau. The IB is interrogating Davindra Singh on the basis of this letter.

In 2005, seven suspected terrorists were arrested by Delhi Police with AK-47s and large fake currency. The Police allegedly found during investigations that all the seven suspected terrorists used to work for the terrorist outfit Hizbul Mujahideen. One of those arrested accused was named – Haji Ghulam Moinuddin Dar alias Zahid.

When Haji Ghulam Moinuddin was arrested, an important document was recovered from him which was allegedly provided by the DSP Davindra Singh. This was a letter addressed to all concerned. The letter allegedly signed by DSP CID, Davinder Singh mentioned that “Ghulam Mohi-u-din S/O Ghulam Rasool R/O Putrigam Pulwama is allowed to carry one Pistol Regd No. 14363 and one wireless set for operation duty. All forces are requested to give safe passage. For any verificiation contact undersigned on telephone nos”. The letter allegedly bears signatures of DSP Davindra Singh and is typed on his letter head.

According to sources, after the arrest of Ghulam Moinuddin, the Delhi Police team had talked to Davindra Singh at that time and sought information in the case. Davindra Singh had allegedly justified the letter and authenticated its contents. On the basis of the said letter, the accused got its benefit during the court hearing.

After his release from Delhi, Ghulam Moinuddin went underground and no one knows where he is currently.

But the question remained as to how Davindra Singh allow a private person to carry a wireless set? How did Arms and the wireless set were allowed to be carried by the suspected person without any investigation?

The Central Intelligence Agency, Military Intelligence which was investigating the matter had reportedly informed the Delhi Police about the suspected terrorist and had asked the polcie to arrest him. However, it was at that time that the suspected terrorists got a letter written by Davindra Singh. All this raises many questions?

According to MI sources, had the Jammu and Kashmir and Delhi Police taken the report of Military Intelligence seriously, such a grave situation would not have arisen and police would not have got involved in such a controversy.

The National Investigation Agency sources when questioned about the purported letter said that given the seriousness of the matter, Davinder Singh will be questioned on this.

When Davindra Singh will be brought to Delhi headquarters for questioning, then this matter will also be questioned in detail.

Sources said that Davinder Singh’s name was dropped by suspected terrorists on many occasions but no action was taken against him. These are the questions that investigating agencies would face as to how Davinder Singh escaped scot free everytime when his name cropped.

Many with knowledge of police working allege that Davinder Singh enjoyed the patronage of a sernior IPS officer of Jammu and Kashmir. The said officer had been Inspector General of Jammu and Kashmir Police and has retired from service now.

Apart from this, the role of a former DIG of State Police is also under investigation. This officer has been close to the then Chief Minister of PDP led Government.

Now after the arrest of Davendra Singh, Delhi based intelligence officers have become cautious and the IB team is also gathering more information in the case related to Davinder Singh.

Recently, the IB and RAW teams have interrogated Davindra Singh for several hours in Srinagar.