Shiv Sena’s makeover post Aaditya Thackeray’s emergence; Sena to renounce violence

The starry-eyed scion of Maharashtra’s Right Wing political party – Shiv Sena, Aaditya Thackeray is in his wittiest avatar like any other seasoned centerist politician.

Rejecting the politics of hatred and vendetta, which his rightist political outfit is known for since its inception, he charted out a new roadmap to make Shiv Sena more broadbased and all endearing political ideology – a welcome departure from the party’s violent past.

Sixties and seventies saw the party as a stern votary of son of the soil dogma, pitching in for Maharashtra for Marathis in its trademark aggressive style.

First time playing second fiddle – as junior partner of the ‘frenemy’ BJP, the party is squirming to come out of it. Aaditya, though, calls Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis a friend of the Thackeray family but air his displeasure over the CM’s performance.

Stressing on the preservation of ecological topography of the metropolis, Aaditya says the Sena will relocate the Metro 3 car shed from Aarey. He also swore to put Worli on the world map.

“Housing is a complex issue in the city and once in power I will focus on this to ameliorate the condition of those who seek roof over their head, ” he said. 

“There is a large floating population in Worli that works in organized as well as un-organized sector in this vibrant commercial hub. We will make the suburb welcoming for them too.”

Aaditya stresses on the need for ameliorating the condition of BDD chawl residents those who were demanding to be heard. “We will maintain the green belt in Worli and prevent its encroachment from vested interests, ” he added.

Aaditya believes that one need to be passionate in politics and there’s no need to remain present 24X7.

As far as party’s makeover move, Aaditya says the party is still having hindutva and son of the soil as its core values. “There isn’t any need to talk of these in aggressive style, ” he clarifies.

The Shiv Sena is still reeling through discomfort over its role in the state administration as younger brother. “We will scrutinise the Fadnavis government on the basis of its performance and policies,” he concluded.