Yogi govt to spend Rs 4,000 crore on animal protection

Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh government will spend nearly Rs 4,000 crore on the protection, treatment, and service of animals, including cows, a government spokesman said here on Wednesday.

“The state Department of Animal Husbandry, dairy, and Fisheries has prepared an annual plan in this regard while a budget of Rs 3, 907.1 crore has also been proposed for it, ” he said.

This includes complete details of the expenditure incurred in cow protection, veterinary education and other areas, including veterinary hospitals, polyclinics and service centres.

According to the annual plan, a total amount of Rs 1,140 crore will be spent on cow conservation of which Rs 140 crore will be used to establish cow protection centres, while the remaining Rs 1, 000 crore will be given as a grant for the maintenance of stray cows.

In addition to this, there is a plan to spend Rs 470.30 crore on veterinary, polyclinics, and service centres. This includes Rs 55 crore for establishing veterinary hospitals, Rs 6 crore for veterinary polyclinics, Rs 4.5 crore for veterinary service centres, and Rs 71 crore to meet various expenses in veterinary hospitals, service centres, research, and diagnostic services (revenue head).

Furthermore, Rs 36.52 crore will be spent on mobile veterinary services, Rs 186.72 crore on the National Animal Health and Disease Control Programme, and Rs 22.50 crore on vaccination.