SGPC initiates legal action against Yaariyan-2 film for anti-Sikh scenes

The Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) has initiated strict legal action against the film ‘Yaariyan-2’ for objectionable scenes in its video song ‘Saure Ghare’ which hurt the Sikh sentiments. The SGPC President Advocate Harjinder Singh Dhami has ordered the SGPC officials to take legal action in this regard.

When this matter came to light on Wednesday, the SGPC demanded an immediate ban on this film and its video song on the YouTube web platform from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Ministry of Information Technology and Electronics, and Central Film Board of Certification. The SGPC has objected that a video song from the film released on the YouTube channel of the T-Series on August 27 shows a clean-shaven and non-Sikh actor wearing a Sikh kakaar (Gatra and Kirpan – a symbol of faith). This has hurt the sentiments of the Sikh community living across the globe, said he in a statement issued here today.

The SGPC President Advocate Dhami has taken a strict stand on this matter and issued instructions for legal action. The SGPC secretary Partap Singh has also sent a complaint to the Police Commissioner of Amritsar, for hurting religious sentiments.

Dhami has said that the insult to Sikh kakaars and Sikh principles cannot be tolerated in any film. He said that the producer, director, and actor of the film did not do it right by presenting Sikh Kakaar Kirpan against Sikh principles and maryada (conduct). Moreover, the T-series company has made a mistake by publishing anti-Sikh visuals on its YouTube channel. Appreciating the Sikh sentiments, the SGPC will not allow this film to be released at any cost.

Dhami said that such people deliberately inflame the religious sentiments of Sikhs. He said that despite the fact that everyone knows about the Sikh lifestyle and living in the whole country, Sikhs are deliberately teased by such actions. The SGPC is serious about this film and orders have been issued to take legal action.

Meanwhile, the SGPC spokesman Harbhajan Singh Vakta said that the SGPC had also contacted the T-Series company regarding this matter, which has given information about the matter being considered. He said that an official of T-Series, Rahul Dubey, has spoken to the SGPC, who has been clearly told that this controversial video song should be removed from the YouTube channel immediately. He said that according to Rahul Dubey, T-Series might consider removing scenes that hurt Sikh sentiments from the entire film.