Researcher Ajay to present paper in Nagpur on flaws in 336 years old Newton’s 3rd law

Prominent researcher Ajay Sharma will highlight the limitations of 336 Year old Newton’s Third Law of motion Indian Science Congress 2023 at R.T.M. University, Nagpur. The Prime MInister Narendr Modi will inaugurate the event on January 3 next year.

The Indian Science Congress 2023  (ISC) will take place at R.T.M. University,  Nagpur from January 3 to 7, 2023.  In this paper, Sharma modified Newton’s third law of motion, as the law neglects the
shape of the body. For final confirmation of the modification of the law, scientists suggest some specific experiments be conducted.

According to a press release the editor of the Physical Sciences Section of  ISC 2023, has accepted the paper and the same
will be published in the proceedings.  This event will be funded by the Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi. Prime Minister Narender Modi will inaugurate the mega-event on 3rd
January 2023.

Ajay Sharma had also presented a similar paper on Newton’s third law at the American Association of Physics Teachers, Washington conference. This presentation not only strengthened the scientific claim of Ajay Sharma but also boosted his confidence. Ajay retired as Deputy Director, Education from Himachal Pradesh recently.

Many other scientists and research institutes have theoretically found Sharma’s thesis correct and original.  But for final confirmation of Newton’s third law, some specific experiments must be conducted with the utmost sensitive equipment.

Secretary, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research after instructions from the Prime Minister of India and evaluation of  Sharma’s paper, constituted a five-member committee for
further carrying out experimental work. The committee has asked Sharma for the required equipment and detailed methodology of the experiments. Sharma submitted the same in November 2022.

Meanwhile in a statement Sharma said that he has stated in a written reply that the limitations of Newton’s third law may be
confirmed through 8-10 types of experiments. But he has described the simplest possible experiments involving the rebounding of bodies of different shapes for the initial experiments.

Ajay Sharma, who hails from Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, said that is is requesting for a long time to the government of India that if adequate experimental facilities are provided to him, these experiments could be completed in 3 to 6 months. Depending upon the opinions and reports of various scientists, Sharma is confident of the success of these experiments.