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There always exist a need of server for any organization handling there business but it always cost too much to own an individual server. Now Serverbasket in India has a solution to this problem. Certified Refurbished Servers are available online in India at comparatively low budget. People can own latest Certified Dell, HP, IBM, CISCO, 1U, 2U Rack, Tower, second hand, used Servers, workstations at wholesale price with great discounts. Serverbasket offer a 1-year warranty, pre-sales support and exclusive Free Demo to learn working and features of the server. If you are satisfied you can order immediately online and free shipping available all over India to cities Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Is this a great option for people in India.


Looking for a Rack or tower server? Now Certified Refurbished servers delivering performance, resiliency, and scalability for core business to business-critical workloads. Our every Refurbished server are certified and thoroughly tested in multiple levels Testing, Inspection, Clean, Compile, QA Approve and certified by our expert technicians, to offer 100 % Satisfaction, long lifetime and work without any issues in future purpose.

100% value of money:

Significant savings compared with brand new server equipment, guaranteed low price when compared to other dealers and distributors. High performance, flexibility and enhanced storage is provided at lowest prices through top brands and exclusive feature 

You might not realize it, but you can get refurbished servers for as low 70 to 80 percent cheaper than the new ones. In addition, as long as you are insightful of what you are buying, its performance will not disappoint you. In fact, it will add lots of value to your money.

Satisfaction Guaranty:

Browsing servers across the selection of all genuine branded DELL, HP, IBM models? Consider a refurbished option and we promise satisfaction guarantee. All refurbished products sold by our website come with a 1-year warranty to help you out during usage problems and quick delivery to all locations in India for user convenience. Refurbished servers come with included licenses, added accessories and other included spare parts all covered within the mentioned price and no extra charges.

Multilevel Testing:

Huge quality measures are taken before releasing a refurbished server into the market. All refurbished server models available on our website are tested multiple times throughout refurbishment process to ensure system and component reliability. All servers are cleaned and restored to original factory settings.

The Multi-level testing procedure is performed on each server testing functionality of all components, through inspection of equipment, best cleaning solutions to protect and restore, compile all accessories and finally QA manager approval and then packages the equipment. Multi-level testing provides a high level of performance and reliability and extends the usable life of data centre hardware by 2 or more years.

Quick support:

For IT organizations in need of saving refurbished servers from DELL, HP, and IBM is attractive option. As long as the customer is aware that it is an older model and is sure to buy from an authorized partner like Server Basket, operational risk is very low and cost-savings quite high. In fact, adding a third party maintenance contract into the equation can lead to a better overall customer experience than available when buying straight from branded stores online and then using them for support. Quick support given 24/7 round the clock by technical team saves your valuable time in getting projects, running and resolving issues.

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