Rahul Gandhi hits out at BJP over violence in Assam

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday hit out at the BJP for not listening to the voice of people and expressed concern that Assam might return to the path of violence because of the policies of BJP government.

Addressing a rally in Guwahati, Rahul said, “I fear Assam is returning to the path of violence because of the BJP’s policies.”

“Assam taught me about brotherhood, respect for each other, taking everyone along. When I speak to you I say what I have learnt from you,” Rahul said.

“If they think that the history, culture and languages ​​of Northeast India can be crushed, then let me tell that they do not recognize Northeast India fully yet,” Rahul added.

Assam has been witnessing massive protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act after it was passed by both the houses.

Rahul also visited the families of the people killed during the protests.