Putin tells Ukrainian military to ‘take power into their hands’ & negotiate with Moscow

During a Russian Security Council meeting on Friday,  Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested that it would be “easier” to negotiate with the Ukrainian Army than with politicians in Kiev. Ukraine’s armed forces should take power in the country and negotiate peace with Moscow.

He also accused the Kiev government and “neo-Nazis” of using civilians as “human shields” amid Russia’s offensive in Ukraine. Putin said the Ukrainian military must not allow the government to use their “children, wives and loved ones as human shields” – tactics he insisted Kiev is using during Moscow’s military operation, the report said.

“Take the power into your own hands!” the Russian President said, arguing that the army would be a better negotiating partner than “a bunch of drug-addicts and neo-Nazis” who he claimed have “entrenched themselves in Kiev”, and have been holding the people “hostage”, RT reported.

“Also, I would like to commend the efficiency of Russian armed forces, they have been acting honourably, heroically and they are effective and efficient at protecting the Russian people and their homeland,” Putin said.

Europe has enough strength to stop this aggression: Ukraine Prez

A defiant Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged European countries to do more to help, as he urged his citizens to resist Russian invasion, BBC reported. The second day of fighting saw tanks enter the capital, Kiev, for the first time, as Ukrainian military vehicles also rushed to the city to defend it.Ukrainian officials said they have handed out 18,000 guns to volunteers, as well as issuing instructions on how to make petrol bombs, the report said.  NATO leaders meet to reassure allies near Russia, Ukraine
US President Joe Biden and his NATO counterparts sought Friday to reassure member countries on the alliance’s eastern flank that their security is guaranteed as Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine closes in on the capital, Kyiv.

With Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy appealing for help, NATO members ranging from Russia’s neighbor Estonia in the north down to Bulgaria on the Black Sea coast triggered urgent consultations about their security. Only Hungary refrained.
The leaders, meeting via videoconference, were taking stock of NATO’s own military buildup. The world’s biggest security organization previously had around 5,000 troops stationed in the Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and Poland, but has significantly beefed up its defenses over the past three months…..AGENCIES

“Soon after Russia declared military operation against Ukraine, US condemned the ‘unprovoked and unjustified’ attack by Russia on Ukraine”
Joe Biden
US President


“Russian President Vladimir Putin to give peace a chance. He never believed rumours that Russia would invade Ukraine and was convinced that nothing serious would happen”
Antonia Guterres
UN Secretary General


“Immediate cessation of violence and return to the path of diplomatic negotiations and dialogue”
Narendra Modi
Prime Minister of India