Punjab CM warns Pakistan against continued attempts to spread narco-terror in state

Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Saturday warned Pakistan against its persistent attempts to spread narco-terrorism from across the border.

Captain Amarinder said “Our eyes are open to what Pakistan is doing, Pakistan is not letting up on its attempts to push drugs, weapons and drug money despite the Covid crisis, clearly in an attempt to destabilise the state and disturb its peace, but we will not allow that to happen.”

“From the Punjab Police to the BSF (the first line of defence at the borders), everyone was on their toes to defeat the nefarious designs of Pakistan, the state’s police force was working in a sustained and active manner to ensure that they do not get away with their wicked plans, Punjab CM added.

Observing that terrorists and gangsters had probably thought they could use the gap created by the diversion of resources and police manpower to Covid duties to smuggle drugs and weapons to spread mayhem in Punjab, Captain Amarinder said despite half the Punjab Police force on curfew/lockdown duties and humanitarian relief missions, they were keeping a close eye on what was happening along the borders.

“We will ensure that such anti-national elements are caught and put behind the bars, where they belong,” he said.

In a major success against Pakistan-sponsored narco-terrorism networks in the country, the Punjab Police on Saturday arrested Ranjeet Singh @ Rana @ Cheeta, a drug peddler in the ISI-controlled network, with links to Hizbul Mujahideen.