Priyanka Gandhi bats for Kishori Lal Sharma in Amethi

Amethi : Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi today urged the people of Amethi to send a clear message that they do not want the politics of lies, drama and theatrics.

“We don’t want drama or theatrics. We want real politics of service to people and not the politics of lies. We do not need a crybaby, who will always count her own grievances instead of listing her achievements”, Priyanka said in an obvious jibe at sitting Amethi MP and union minister Smriti Irani, without mentioning her name.

Priyanka was addressing a largely attended public rally in support of the party candidate Kishori Lal Sharma. She pointed out, Sharma has been there with them for about 40 years. She said, like he has been loyal to their family, he is also loyal to the people of Amethi, who has always been available for them round the clock.

“Imagine, someone who has been with you for 40 years, becoming your MP”, she told the crowd while appealing to them to send him to the parliament for their own good.

She recalled her family’s long association with Amethi, saying how her father late Rajiv Gandhi served the people while being the Prime Minister. She recalled how he mixed and mingled with people and listened to their grievances.

Compared to that, she asked, has Prime Minister Narendra Modi ever met a common man or a poor man. She said, only lies were being told that Modi did in ten years what could not be done in 70 years.

But, she revealed, the fact is that unemployment is at a 45 year high in the country, while prices of all essential commodities have skyrocketed. She pointed out, when the prices of gas cylinders were Rs 400, the present local MP then would stage protests in Delhi and now when the same price has gone to 1200, she was keeping quiet.

Priyanka  Gandhi said, while Modi had worked for just a few billionaires, the Congress government was going to create crores of millionaires by paying Rs 8500 to one woman in every poor family.

She also said, every fresh graduate and a diploma holder will be provided a guaranteed apprenticeship for one year with an assured income of Rs one lakh. For the farmers, she said, loans will be waived off and there will be legal guarantee for the MSP.