Former Union Minister Venod Sharma, MP Kartikeya Sharma throw weight behind BJP for Lok Sabha Polls, Vow Extensive Campaigning

Ambala, May 16, 2024 : In a major boost for the Bharatiya Janata Party’s prospects in the politically crucial state of Haryana, former Union Minister Venod Sharma and Member of Parliament Kartikeya Sharma today extended their unequivocal support to the saffron party for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

After chairing a meeting with party workers in Ambala, Venod Sharma, who heads the Haryana Janchetna Party, announced that his party has decided to back BJP candidates and undertake extensive campaigning for them across all 10 Lok Sabha constituencies in the state.

Expressing unwavering faith in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership and policies, Sharma said he is deeply impressed by the plethora of welfare schemes implemented by the Modi government over the last decade that have brought tangible benefits to crores of people from all sections of society in line with the ‘Antyodaya’ ideology of upliftment of the downtrodden.

“After deliberations, we have resolved that considering PM Modi’s far-sighted decisions in national interest during his remarkable 10-year tenure at the helm, the next 5 years under his visionary leadership are crucial for taking the country’s development journey to newer heights,” Sharma told reporters. 

The former Union Minister emphasized that just like in 2014 and 2019, the Haryana Janchetna Party had wholeheartedly supported PM Modi’s policies, and will replicate the same this time by facilitating an outreach cutting across villages, cities, and towns to galvanize support for BJP candidates.

Exuding confidence in a resounding BJP victory, Sharma said, “We are absolutely certain that the BJP will emerge triumphant in all 10 Lok Sabha constituencies in Haryana. The BJP is not about an individual but a party solely dedicated to the nation’s welfare and progress. We have full faith in PM Modi’s vision and agenda, and extend our unwavering support to the same.” 

Sharma added that every party worker will relentlessly campaign for BJP’s Ambala Lok Sabha candidate Banto Kataria to leave no stone unturned for her victory. They will also work tirelessly to ensure a robust attendance at PM Modi’s proposed poll rally in Ambala, he stated.

“For a strong and stable Modi government over the next 5 years that can accelerate India’s development trajectory, our workers will embark on a meticulous outreach spanning every single door, village, city, and town in Haryana to propagate the Prime Minister’s vision and policies,” Sharma asserted.

Hitting out at caste and divisive politics, the former Union Minister said, “I don’t believe in casteist politics whatsoever. My allegiance to society stems from pride, not political motives. History is a witness that leaders or parties indulging in caste-based politics have only faced losses, an example being the events of 2016.”

MP Kartikeya Sharma echoed Vinod Sharma’s views, stating that the entire nation stands firmly behind the charismatic and decisive leadership of PM Modi, who will undoubtedly lead the country for an unprecedented third consecutive term with a thumping majority after the Lok Sabha polls.

“PM Modi’s welfare policies and schemes cut across all sections of society, with benefits percolating down to even the last person in the queue. We will extend our unstinted support to him to ensure the country’s multidimensional progress is sustained at an accelerated pace along with Haryana’s all-round development,” Kartikeya Sharma averred.

Lauding PM Modi’s long-term vision, Sharma said, “It is due to the Prime Minister’s farsightedness that India today commands immense respect globally and has risen to reckon on the world stage. We will ensure BJP’s victory in all 10 Lok Sabha constituencies in Haryana, facilitating PM Modi’s comeback for an exceptional third term at the Centre.”

Hitting out at a rudderless and disparate opposition camp, Kartikeya questioned, “Development under the Modi government is the biggest issue in these elections which the opposition has failed to counter. This is why people’s guarantee today is inextricably linked with Modi’s guarantee and vision. Interestingly, the opposition doesn’t even have a Prime Ministerial candidate to pit against the towering legacy of PM Modi.”

On the issue of opposition to BJP candidates, the MP asserted that while everyone has the right to protest in a vibrant democracy, candidates too have an equal right to present their vision before the electorate and appeal for votes.

“I too had tried to present my case before Congress MLAs during the recent Rajya Sabha polls but couldn’t as the party had shipped them off to Raipur. I then went through the media route to make my appeal, and it was the impact of that outreach that led to a change of heart in some MLAs who voted for me,” Kartikeya Sharma recounted.

Both Venod Sharma and Kartikeya Sharma vowed to marshal complete resources at their disposal and channel the might of party workers to ensure that the BJP’s lotus symbol blossoms in all 10 Lok Sabha constituencies in Haryana while facilitating another massive mandate for PM Modi to govern at the Centre for the next five years.

The backing of two prominent leaders from the state has added fresh momentum to BJP’s poll campaign in Haryana amidst heightened political activities by various parties for the all-important general elections.