Prime Minister Modi praises Wuhan rescue operation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday appreciated the high-level commitment to duty showcased by the officials of Air India and Ministry of Health who conducted evacuation operation of the stranded Indians in Wuhan.

The Prime Minister has issued a letter of appreciation to the team members of the evacuation operations.  This letter would be handed over to the crew by Minister of State for Civil Aviation.

Air India had conducted an emergency evacuation operation from the Wuhan city, which is the epicenter of the widely spreading Novel Corona Virus Flu. Despite being aware of the aforementioned severe situation in the region, the Air India sent two B-747 aircraft with teams of Air India as well as teams from Ministry of Health for two consecutive days, i.e. 31st January 2020 and on 1stFebruary 2020, returning the next day, the statement said.