PoK is integral part of India:  S Jaishankar

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Sunday reiterated India’s stance on Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), affirming that it is an integral part of India. 

Speaking at an interactive session in Cuttack, Jaishankar pointed out that the Indian Parliament has passed a resolution stating PoK’s status as part of India.

Jaishankar highlighted that despite efforts to sideline the issue, PoK remains a significant concern for India. 

“PoK has never been out of this country. It is part of this country,” he said.  Addressing the history of PoK’s control by Pakistan, Jaishankar compared it to an irresponsible custodian allowing someone else to steal. He emphasized the need to address the issue and reiterated India’s commitment to reclaiming PoK