PM Modi launches Fit India Movement; says ‘no elevator to success, must take stairs’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched the ‘Fit India’ Movement’, saying: “there is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.”

Addressing a large gathering of ministers, children, celebrities and others, PM Modi said, success is related to fitness; success stories of all of our icons from any field of life have a common thread- most of them are fit, have a focus on fitness.

Modi said, “Sports has a direct relation to fitness, but Fit India movement aims to go beyond fitness.” Fitness is not just a word but an essential pillar to a healthy and prosperous life, he added.

“With time fitness has been relegated a lower priority in our society, where a person used to walk or cycle for kilometers, today mobile apps have to tell us how many steps we walked, he said.

Modi said due to our today’s lifestyle, diseases are on rise and affecting even the young generation. But small lifestyle changes can prevent these lifestyle diseases. Fit India Movement is an effort to bring these small lifestyle changes, he added.

PM Modi also congratulated the winners of the national sports awards.

“Today is the day to congratulate our young athletes who are consistently giving wings to our hopes and aspirations Their medals are a measure of a new zeal and new confidence of a New India,” he said.

Modi further said Fit India Movement may have been started by the Government, but it is the people that have to lead it and make it a success.