People Matter in business success: CMA

Chandigarh, January 31, 2024 : People are the key to success of any business, said Prof. Charanjit Singh, past president of Chandigarh Management Association (CMA) here today.

Addressing members of CMA, Charanjit Singh, who is a faculty in the School of Media and Communication at Shoolini University, spoke about the changing media scenario and how organizations can take advantage of the emerging technology to effectively communicate their products/services.

He traced the evolution of media from the past where print, radio and tv coverage mattered the most, and the current emergency of mushrooming social media platforms that have empowered corporate and individual professionals to own up their own channels to communicate with targeted audience.

Knowing the people whom you want to be your customers or users is the first fundamental aspect to succeed in any business, and the second being, to be relevant to the people’s needs, aspirations and pain points.   Communication in the digital space is restricted today with numerous algorithmic gatekeepers who are sifting the useful content from the trash, he informed.  Therefore to stay connected to the audience is possible only if one is sharing more relevant, meaningful, and useful content that can help create a brand identity for an individual or a corporate, he emphasized.

Charanjit Singh has four decades of experience of working with media, government, corporate, professionals, and NGO and is currently teaches at Shoolini University, said CMA President Sukhwinder Singh.