Pakistan PM designate likely to move to Ministers’ Enclave

Imran Khan, Prime minister-designate and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief (PTI), has now been forced to move into official Prime Minister’s House, an official residence. This was required as the security agencies said that private residence of PM-designate Khan is vulnerable to threats.

Senior police officials, including Chief Commissioner Joudat Ayaz, Inspector General of Police Jan Mohammad, and security personnel had visited Banigala residence of Khan and discussed security-related issues with him and other senior PTI leaders.

During the meeting, the administration said that the house was not appropriate to be the official residence of Prime Minister as the provision of fool-proof security is difficult to provide due to the open area.

Officials also briefed Khan about security and protocol.

Khan has reportedly asked for the lowest category house in the Ministers’ Enclave in Islamabad.