No mutation of Novel Coronavirus has been detected in India: Harsh Vardhan

Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Dr Harsh Vardhan on Sunday assured that as of yet, no mutation of coronavirus has been detected in India, which is either more transmission efficient or more pathogenic.

Answering social media interactors on the sixth episode of Sunday Samvaad, Dr Harsh Vardhan reiterated his request to everyone to celebrate the festive season at home with their loved ones in the traditional way. “This festive season, charity must take precedence over celebration. My own celebrations too shall remain subdued due to the heart rending impact of COVID19 on lakhs of corona warriors across the world battling for us”, the Union Health Minister stated.

Harsh Vardhan also shared his views on the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in Kerala. Noting that between January 30 & May 3, Kerala had reported just 499 cases and 2 deaths due to COVID-19, he regretted that Kerala was paying the price of gross negligence during the recent Onam festivities when State-wise unlocking of services, along with an increase in inter and intrastate travel for trade and tourism, led to the spreading of COVID-19 cases across various districts; “Epicurve of Kerala changed completely due to Onam festivities across the State, the daily new cases nearly doubled.” The Minister said this ought to serve as a good lesson for all the state government which were being negligent in planning for the festival season.